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High School Diploma Program

Adult Ed

Are you an adult who is thinking about going back to school to get your high school diploma?  Parkerson STEM Academy offers a correspondence program which provides adult students with an offline, distance learning experience that provides the opportunity to earn a high school diploma from anywhere in the world.   With our  program, you can take classes whenever works best for your schedule, meaning you don’t have to put your life on pause to complete your high school education! Get started today and enroll now!

  • Want to take advantage of the benefits that come with completing your high school diploma?

  • Tired of being told night school or a GED are your only options?

  • Looking for a flexible program for adults so you can complete high school courses in your free time so you can keep your job?


The Parkerson STEM Academy philosophy is that all adults deserves the chance to earn their high school diploma – no matter what their age is. It doesn’t matter how or why you came to this situation. Maybe you dropped out to start helping your family’s finances. Perhaps you fell behind and felt you couldn’t catch back up. You may have moved here from another city or country and felt like you couldn’t make high school work at that time. All that matters is that you are ready right now to improve your life with a full high school education.  We are here to help you all the way. 

  • No maximum age limits. (Must be 17 years of age to graduate)

  • No classroom attendance required. Study from home or anywhere in the world. 

  • Open enrollment means you can start classes as soon as you’re registered and paid. No waiting for the next school semester to start advancing your education.

  • Adults can graduate from high school at your own pace. Study in the evenings, on weekends, or on days off of work. 


Furthermore, going back to earn a high school diploma for adults over 21 takes courage, discipline, and motivation. This is true for adult students because they may have other responsibilities on top of their classes. Flexible scheduling is one of the biggest reasons why our correspondence distance learning program can be the perfect choice for those returning to school. Flexible classes let you learn on your own time. 

Earning a high school diploma  can lead to more career choices and the opportunity to make more money. In fact, an adult with a high school diploma makes about $8,400 more a year than people without a diploma*. Earning a high school diploma from an accredited school is important because it makes sure that the classes meet quality standards and the needs of their students. Students who have a high school diploma vs. a GED are also more likely to be successful in college than those who did not finish high school. Our home school high school programs for adults give students a second chance to finish their education and get ahead in life. 

If you’ve already completed some of your high school coursework, you may be able to transfer credits already earned towards your diploma. Simply contact our admissions department within 30 days of signing up for a diploma program to submit transcripts for transfer consideration.  

Tuition & Fees 






This means your PSA diploma has all the same standing and value as a traditional high school diploma – NOT a GED or equivalency. Let us help you achieve your academic goals! 




*Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, on the internet at, (visited July 29, 2021). Statements found at the United States Department of Labor are not a guarantee of any post-graduation salary, in part because the data used to create the Occupational Outlook Handbook includes workers from differing educational backgrounds, levels of experience, and geographic areas of the country.


Transferring Credits

  • Affordable Tuition

  • Flexible Payment Plan

  • Select Graduation Fall/Spring

Parkerson STEM Academy is Accredited

Registration Fee Fall Graduation 

Registration  $295 

Registration Fee Spring Graduation 

Registration  $295   











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